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fahdme April 17, 2010 09:19

kiva 4 installation
Dear All,:)

Hello, I am mechanical Engg student @ NUS, Singapore. Recently, our department has purchased kiva4 software from DSTSC, TN,USA. But, unfortunately we are facing problems to install it. Therefore, i am writing to get some help from cfd online. Please, consider me an amateur in this field as my question may seen to be very basic.

1. What is the sequential procedure for installing this kiva software.
[or how can one install this software]?
2. Is linux is mandatory for this software? If yes, then which version is
most recommended?
3. Is Fortran is a pre-requisite for installing the kiva ? If yes, then which
version should we use?
4. Is it possible to install kiva in windows OS ?

I think my questions resemble how amateur i am in this matter. That's why i am knocking the door of cfd-online. Please help. If the questions are too many to you, then you can suggest over a period at your convenience.


DaIN May 11, 2010 10:33

Hi there,

To start with, it would be important to know which version of KIVA 4 you are using, is it the serial or the parallel version?
Second, KIVA 4 is an open source written in Fortran so it means you don't have to install it, you'll have to compile it and run it.

hope it helps

fahdme May 20, 2010 02:50

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your suggestion and helps to run the software. I am sorry for being so late. May i ask some question specially pertaining for running example?
my email address is


DaIN May 25, 2010 17:54

yes of course, you can ask, but what might happen is that i'll not know the answer :)

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