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vetnav July 8, 2010 17:45

uninstalling Ubuntu pack and installing source pack

I once installed Source pack in my desktop and installing source pack is a pain in the neck for beginners in linux like me but at the end I was able to install it and did couple of examples (lid driven cavity, Hartmann flow MHD) that are given in the user guide
To avoid the difficulties in installing source pack I installed Ubuntu/Debian pack version 1.7.0 in my laptop the process went fine (I used icoFoam -help and it worked fine which shows the installation was successful) but I don't see any folder with a name like "OpenFOAM".

When I installed the source pack in my desktop I could see a folder which has different folders in it which represent different type of solvers, there was also a folder for examples, as I could not find a folder like this when I installed using Ubuntu/Debian pack I want to uninstall it from my laptop and then install source pack (though it is a pain, I want to learn so I will go for it)

But I don't know how to uninstall so could anyone please tell me how to uninstall the Ubuntu/Debian pack.

Thank you

wyldckat July 8, 2010 19:40

Greetings vetnav,

Well, the Ubuntu/Debian package installs OpenFOAM in the folder /opt/openfoam170.
If you follow the part of the user guide (this page) that comes before the cavity tutorial, you will have your own copy of the tutorials to work with!

But if you still want to uninstall the packages, just to the opposite of "apt-get install", just do "apt-get remove". In other words:

sudo apt-get remove openfoam170 paraviewopenfoam380
And voilą, you no longer have OpenFOAM 1.7.0 installed...

Best regards,

vetnav July 13, 2010 19:11

Thank you very much

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