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chilledkroete November 4, 2010 09:38

Update the environment variables for 1.5-dev

I'm trying to install 1.5-dev on Suse 11.0, gcc 4.3.4, but unfortunately I'm still not able to update the environment variables as described in the readme-file. When sourcing the .bashrc I receive the error: "syntax error near unexpected token `<<<<<<< .mine' " for whatever reason. Anybody knows what this is all about?

wyldckat November 4, 2010 18:53

Greetings Janto and welcome to the forum!

This text "<<<<<<< .mine'" leads to conclude that you have made some changes and then an update to your local copy of the SVN version of OpenFOAM 1.5-dev and that some of the updated files weren't successfully merged with the latest version, due to some discrepancy between your version and the one online.

The simplest way to fix this would be for you to edit OpenFOAM's bashrc file and remove the "blob" of code between the lines delimited by:

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< .mine

(your code)


(their code)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> .theirs

And leave only either your code or theirs.

Best regards,

chilledkroete November 5, 2010 03:32

Hello Bruno, thanks for your reply.

Actually, I didn't change anything in OpenFoam's bashrc so there is no removable "blob" left.
This is how OF bashrc looks like in that part:

<<<<<<< .mine

>>>>>>> .r1000

wyldckat November 5, 2010 11:00

Hi Janto,

Since you didn't make any changes, just remove that whole "blob" of code and you should be set to go! Well, after saving and sourcing bashrc of course :)

Best regards,

chilledkroete November 9, 2010 04:40

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Thank you Bruno,

I finally made it by deleting the 'blob'. :)
Nevertheless multiple errors occurred during compilation. I guess it has something to do with flex, which should be version 2.5.35 on my system.

Best regards

akidess November 9, 2010 05:13

You are missing OpenMPI, at least in the version OF-1.5 expects it to be there. Did you unpack the proper Thirdparty package, or are you trying to use a different OpenMPI?

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