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annewijbenga May 22, 2011 06:03

Setting path to applications?
I am using ubuntu 10.4 LTS and installation upto showing the usage message after "icoFoam -help" was no problem.
I also copied the tutorials to my directory, so far so good.

I continued with getting started and tried to start blockMesh, but I get the following message:
blockMesh: command not found

I verified that the program is available. I assume that i have to add some information somewhere to let my system look for it in the right place. I presume it is more of a linux problem than a OpenFoam problem. I am however not that smart (yet) with linux.
Has somebody a clue?
Thanks A

wyldckat May 22, 2011 06:25

Greetings Anne and welcome to the forum!

Did you do everything in the same terminal window?
When you ran 'blockMesh', did you try 'icoFoam -help' again?
Did you read the (foot)notes in the instructions?

Try starting a new terminal window/tab. Then run 'icoFoam -help' again. If it doesn't find it, then edit once again your "~/.bashrc" file and check if it looks like how the instructions told you to do.
If all OK, then try again following the "Getting Started" instructions!

Best regards,

annewijbenga May 22, 2011 06:42

No, I didnot. For the test icoFoam, I opened a new terminal.
I have now run: $HOME/.bashrc and it looks OK now. I guess I missed one of the footnotes. Thanks for helping me out.

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