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DiracRules July 13, 2011 08:25

Hello you all!
I'm taking my first steps in OpenFOAM these days.

I run Ubuntu 10.10 and I installed the latest version of OpenFOAM directly from the software main page. It seems it all went well, as I managed to run each of the tutorial proposed in the User Guide.

However, when I run in the BASH the command
I get this message:

Checking basic setup...

FATAL ERROR: OpenFOAM environment not configured.

Please refer to the installation section of the README file:
<OpenFOAM installation dir>/OpenFOAM-2.0.0/README
to source the OpenFOAM environment.

My question is: if I could run properly the tutorials, why do I get this message? Can I leave everything as it is or should I do something? If so, what should I do?

Thanks a lot to you all!!

wyldckat July 13, 2011 15:58

Greetings DiracRules and welcome to the forum!

I knew people who installed the Debian packages of OpenFOAM would eventually try foamInstallationTest... I warned them, but they didn't listen :( Oh well :rolleyes:

Here's the explanation I wrote the other day:

Originally Posted by wyldckat (Post 314122)
I don't know if you've ever seen or read the story about the "Wizard of Oz", but there is a scene where Oz says something like this:

Originally Posted by
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

In this case, Oz is foamInstallationTest.


This script is not intended to be used when installing with .deb packages! If you want to test if it works, you simply take it for a spin, i.e. run the cavity tutorial from the User Guide :D Just like the official version states:

Originally Posted by
mkdir -p $FOAM_RUN
cd $FOAM_RUN/tutorials/incompressible/icoFoam/cavity

Have fun!

DiracRules July 14, 2011 05:48

Thank you!

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