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rclprice July 13, 2011 20:14

OpenFOAM Installation

Today, I can see that my original post below was 3-4 questions all
smashed into one post. My first question is:

For OF2.0.0, what are the package requirements? On the
install from source webpage, scotch is missing from the
SUSE linux instructions? Is there any other package(s) that is
known to be missing?

The OF1.7.1 SUSE Linux installation instructions list even more

wmake runs for 3.5 hrs. I do not want to repeat that too
many times.



Hello OpenFOAM Guru (out there somewhere) ,

I am compiling OpenFOAM on a CrayXT6 ( ColoState University).
The cray uses a customized version of SUSE linux.

I cannot tell precisely which packages are needed for the full compilation.

Here is what I have learned from :

* the required packages for installation from source is a short list
( it is not the same as for 1.7.1 under openSUSE linux)

* the foamSystemCheck reports everything is okay, but SCOTCH
is not even installed. That list mentioned above does not seem
to be complete.

* I have to switch from the openmpi default to mpich2. I can do that
in the <foamhome>/etc/baschrc file. Is that all that is required?

I have a more general question. When will the OpenFOAM2.0.0 rpms
be available?

I would appreciate any guidance that may be out there. The OpenFOAM 1.7.1
rpms installed very well on my laptop. I can get started on the math
side of things.

Thank you,


wyldckat July 21, 2011 16:31

Greetings Ryan and welcome to the forum!

You can check this blog post: OpenFOAM 2.0.x and openSUSE 11.4

As for building things faster, before running Allwmake, execute this command:

8 is the number of parallel processes to be used for building OpenFOAM. This can trim down your build time down to 20-40 minutes! Well, only as long as you have that many processors/hyper-threads on your machine!

If you are using csh, then run instead this command:

Best regards,

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