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dima133 January 7, 2012 16:36

for every member help me please to install OpenFOAM
good evening;)
I want to install OpenFOAM on ubuntu 11.10:cool:
and I am beginner in ubuntu, this my first time that I use linux :confused::confused::confused:
I want a general tutorial on installing the violence and the use of OpenFOAM:)
and thank you for this forum:);)

wyldckat January 8, 2012 17:36

Greetings dima133 and welcome to the forum!

Have you tried searching on google or youtube? How about this tutorial: - that tutorial is basically for Ubuntu 10.04, but in 11.10 you can simply use the search function that the top left giant button shows you when you click on it.

Don't know how to use Ubuntu? Search on youtube or google! Try searching for:
  • Ubuntu tutorial youtube
  • Ubuntu for newbies youtube
Good luck!

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