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samiam1000 March 6, 2012 12:06

OpenFOAM 2.1 on Ubuntu SERVER 11.10
Dear all,

I am gonna install OF 2.1 on Ubuntu SERVER 11.10.

Do you know if this is feasible?

Thanks a lot,


wyldckat March 6, 2012 14:53

Greetings Samuele,

It's perfectly feasible and doable and should be easy enough to do it.

The main questions are:
  1. Will the server be used for calculations only? If so, then you don't need to install ParaView.
  2. If it's also for visualizing the results, will it be done locally or remotely?
    • Locally: you install it the same way you install it on the Desktop.
    • Remotely: things here get a bit tricky. To do it remotely, you'll need ParaView to be built with pvserver... which I would have to look deeper into this, since I haven't done this yet with OpenFOAM 2.0 and above.
Best regards,

samiam1000 March 7, 2012 03:40

Dear Bruno,

thanks a lot for the complete answer.

Actually, I need to do just the calculation, remotely. Then I'll study the results on my desktop, hence it is going to be easy to install OF, isn't it?

Thanks again,

have a good day,


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