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lalupp April 9, 2012 02:33

Openfoam installation on beowulf cluster

We have a Beowulf cluster (32 cpus)
But we don't know how to install open foam in a cluster.
Is there step by step procedure to install the same

wyldckat April 9, 2012 05:05

Greetings Lalupp,

To install on a cluster it's as simple as installing on the master machine and then rsync the folder to all of the nodes, or place the installation in a shared folder. The path to the OpenFOAM installation should be identical on all machines.

The more complicated detail is what OS and version are you using on your cluster?

Best regards,

lalupp April 9, 2012 10:24

Openfoam install in a beowulf cluster
Hi Bruno,

Thank to reply

I guess that this is the outline of procedure
My cluster oS ubuntu 11.04 with nfs share and openmpi

1) download tarball 2.10 (latest) and extract to a NFS shared folder
2) go to top-level source directory and execute the build script ./Allwmake. ( in master node)
3) Then I need to set necessary environment variables in each machine (nodes)

Right ?

Another query is that can we force the openfoam deb package to force to installl in any user directory rather than into the system folders (by default using synaptic)

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