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Nikunj.R July 31, 2012 09:27

"Cannot find point in pts1" and other errors
Hello All!

I am trying to make a very complicated mesh with cyclic bc on a couple of sides. I am getting following errors, the seriousness of which I do not understand as the meshing does take place eventually. Attached below is the error. Please let me know what do these errors mean so that I can make necessary modifications.

Thanks for your time.


Cannot find point in pts1 matching point 1665 coord:(13.6082 4.41765 19.75) in pts0 when using tolerance 2.8401e-05
Searching started from:1664 in pts1
Compared coord:(13.2205 4.30581 19.75) with difference to point 0.403521
Compared coord:(13.604 4.43052 19.75) with difference to point 0.0135356
cyclicPolyPatch::order : Writing neighbour faces to OBJ file "/home/eri/OpenFOAM/eri-2.1.1/run/tutorials/incompressible/icoFoam/cavity2/right_faces.obj"
cyclicPolyPatch::order : Writing my faces to OBJ file "/home/eri/OpenFOAM/eri-2.1.1/run/tutorials/incompressible/icoFoam/cavity2/left_faces.obj"
cyclicPolyPatch::order : Dumping currently found cyclic match as lines between corresponding face centres to file "/home/eri/OpenFOAM/eri-2.1.1/run/tutorials/incompressible/icoFoam/cavity2/left_faceCentres.obj"
--> FOAM Serious Error :
From function cyclicPolyPatch::order(const primitivePatch&, labelList&, labelList&) const
in file meshes/polyMesh/polyPatches/constraint/cyclic/cyclicPolyPatch.C at line 1383
Patch:left : Cannot match vectors to faces on both sides of patch
Perhaps your faces do not match? The obj files written contain the current match.
Continuing with incorrect face ordering from now on!
<<Number of duplicate (not baffle) faces found: 1. This might indicate a problem.
<<Number of faces with non-consecutive shared points: 2. This might indicate a problem.

Writing polyMesh
Mesh Information
boundingBox: (5.571 -4.48 0) (14.5 4.48 19.95)
nPoints: 94675
nCells: 86976
nFaces: 268364
nInternalFaces: 254210
patch 0 (start: 254210 size: 85) name: master_patch1
patch 1 (start: 254295 size: 100) name: master_patch2
patch 2 (start: 254395 size: 34) name: master_patch3
patch 3 (start: 254429 size: 34) name: master_patch4
patch 4 (start: 254463 size: 1666) name: right
patch 5 (start: 256129 size: 1666) name: left
patch 6 (start: 257795 size: 2751) name: outer_sides
patch 7 (start: 260546 size: 2499) name: inner_sides
patch 8 (start: 263045 size: 48) name: vent_walls
patch 9 (start: 263093 size: 1734) name: top
patch 10 (start: 264827 size: 1743) name: bottom
patch 11 (start: 266570 size: 9) name: inlet
patch 12 (start: 266579 size: 1785) name: defaultFaces


Simon_A August 13, 2013 11:04

Hello Nikunj,

I had a similar error message using stitchMesh and that way found this thread.

Did you scale any part of your mesh ? That might cause this problem.
Try to scale at the very end of the process, hope that helps...


Ruli December 9, 2013 07:53

I get a similar error, see here:

Did you guys figure out, what the problem was?

Best regards

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