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crossley90 November 23, 2012 08:47

blockMesh - more control of grading
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Dear OpenFOAMers,

I have finished constructing an aerofoil in blockMesh and require a little advice.
You can see that I have created a C mesh around an aerofoil, the problem is that when I scale the outer leading edge of the mesh the inner leading edge also scales. I realise this is because I have created a hex mesh block within this area but I require the cells to only change distribution/scale in the outer section of the mesh NOT on the inner surface of the aerofoil. Notice the nasty, unwanted size in cells in 'Aerofoil_section'.

I have found more control in Salome but as I intend to use several angles of attack blockMesh was a very good meshing tool.

BlockMeshDict is also attached.



colinB November 23, 2012 09:25

Hey have you tried using edgeGradin instead of simpleGrading?

this gives you the opportunity to define a grading for each edge separately.

For an example blockMeshDict see here:

post number 5 contains the example
For further advice I recommend you to read the user guide as well.

have a nice weekend


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