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vishalsacharya December 10, 2012 00:41

stitchMesh question?

I have a question about stitchMesh.

I have a sector geometry which has a centerline. Now when i rotatemesh and i paste, the centerline edge and nodes are common, so i assume they are not being repeated and that stitchMesh recognizes this. Now in the end when i need to stich the final internal faces that overlap to complete the geometry, i get an error....

Face XXXX reduced to less than 3 points.

Now im researched this in the forum and i see that there are others who have faced this error, but i dont see any where the geometry involved the centerline. Im thinking that this error is related to my centerline?

My mesh was created in gambit with a 45 degree sector that i initially used in a cyclic fashion. I converted to foam format. I have rotated and merged meshes and then stitched faces successfully for 7 times now. But the last stitch which is to stitch the final internal faces that overlaps, gives this error. I dont know why.

I also have another question. If i have faces inside a mesh that are internal and perfectly overlap, can i mark them to be translational periodic? I ask this as a last resort if in case there is no way to fix the above issue. I am assuming this would still be physical in terms of solving?

Please do not hesitate to ask any info that i failed to mention here. note that i do not have a blockmeshdict.

Thanks in advance !

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