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halowine March 5, 2013 12:51

Wedge shape in blockMesh process
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Attachment 19597

I'm trying to make a wedge shape on a simple case for OpenFoam (see above).

I made this blockmesh file :
Attachment 19598

And like you see in the picture above, there is a problem with the prism block from a hex block. Every mesh line pointing the collapse vertice.

What I want is that the mesh become straight. Anyone know how to do that?


xiyuqiu March 5, 2013 21:41

Hi I would lower the mesh density first. Make it 3 or something for each direction. That way it is easier to see. My experience with this type of the problem is one or more of your vortex had the wrong coordinates.

Yosmcer April 11, 2013 04:07

Maybe you could try to put the collapse vertices in 2-10 (instead of 1-9). That would make the line converging this point, so the perpendiculars lines would be parallel to the 1-7 (and 9-15) line. Or maybe you could be more explicit about the "straight lines" you want?

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