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immortality April 15, 2013 14:41

is there a tool for converting and entering a blockMeshDict file into Fluent?
i have run a case in OpenFOAM and want to test it also in fluent.i have not acess to gambit now.
How can i convert simple geometry and mesh i created in fluent withot need to install gambit?
I know there is a vice versa tool but i need it reciprocally.
Is it possible?

colinB April 16, 2013 02:54


you might want to have a look in the user documentation where
all utilities that are available in OF are specified:
Furthermore the wiki of OF can give you help as well.

A hint for the future if you have questions here on the forum:

- have a look at the user guide

- if you cann't find what you are looking for use forum search
- if you cann't find what you are looking for use google search

- if you still cann't find what you a looking for have a look at this post:

and ask your question

I hope I could contribute


immortality April 16, 2013 05:41

thanks.i used foamMeshToFluent to create the fluent mesh.but now fluent doesn't read it and says "file has wrong dimensions (3)" my case is 2d and i executed fluent in 2d mode.

colinB April 16, 2013 06:19


short question: is google blocked in Iran?

If not you might reread my first post and consider the
steps I suggested:

The user guide indeed did not provide too much explanation
as well as the wiki.

But when typing: foamMeshToFluent in google one of the very first hits is:

and there you go

Please accept that the users on this forum are not willing to google
for you and read the users guide!
(Only exception google is really blocked in your country, but a short
note to the users on that and they will probably help you)


immortality April 16, 2013 16:32

What an odd post you have!!!
maybe you imagine yourself so much clever than others.
Please before that ridicule people and be so specious think a little that maybe people understand like me and justify him.
Here is for asking and if someone has a dictatorship tendency its his/her trouble not people that ask.(you could just don't leave a post)
If you want to know i didn't find a way to solve the issue and if you had read link you only put there you would see that it has not a way into.
Here is a scientific environment and we all want to evolve knowledge so Please be more polite after this time and don't insult others and also
i hope my friends be more truth-seeking and don't like oppression and saying only no behaviors.
In hope of a world full of respect,kindness,freedom of real narrow braining and friendship.

Yosmcer April 16, 2013 17:05


Originally Posted by immortality (Post 421040)
Here is a scientific environment and we all want to evolve knowledge

I think colinB wrote his two post in this sense. In my point of view, it's to help you having responses quicker by yourself that he post (foruming questions can takes long time before having an answer, and googleling is not so easy without training (I mean using the right keywords)).
I rather understand his post like an advice.

To came back on your subject, you may have noticed that OpenFOAM accept only 3D cases, even if it can threat them as 2D thanks to boundary conditions.

With your blockMesh mesh, you do not have only one plane of points, but one plane of cells that are 3D volumes.

I do not know Fluent at all, but maybe it require a real 2D mesh when set for 2D.

(I'm new to OpenFOAM, so I might make mistakes).

I saw the foamMeshToFluent post and that you already read it. So my previous comment isn't useful.

Maybe you could try to look at Fluent doc how they 2D mesh must be, and manually (or with a hand made script) remove/adapt the converted script if possible.
I might be easier to make a new mesh in Fluent.
That's just an idea, I really know nothing about Fluent.

immortality April 16, 2013 17:51

the character of human is more important than anything else.
Insulting is not advice.
He was ordering me since his first post.i didn't tell anywhere that im new in openfoam or such thing.
Then he shouldn't command like a kid to go to google and "the users...are not willing to google for you and read user guides for you..." "is google blocked in Iran" what does this offending sentences mean?
These offending things can be told to anyone asks here.then he wants to block cfd online forums not google with such speeches.
I think maybe in Netherlands all people are nervous and angry with you.
What a behavior in a scientific environment.i don't know how are you working in a field like CFD with such a shining patience.
Did i insult you and your nationality and character before that you did?

colinB April 17, 2013 02:42

Hi immortality

it was clearly not my intention to insult you
which in the close sense of words I actually never did.

Though I gave you some advice, and since you are a friend of proverbs
let me express you how it was meant:

Give a man a fish and he has to eat for 1 day
teach a man how to fish he has food for his whole life.

Concerning google and Iran:
I know that there is some censorship going on in Iran,
however I don"t know how much it effects certain homepages
such as google for example. So this wasn't meant to tease you
but it was a try to understand why you don't rely on google!

reading the major parts of your posts, you are throwing bits into the forum
expecting detailed answers from the users, which looks to us like you
want to have minimum efforts but a maximum and quick result.
And this is clearly not the way this works. Such things may happen the
first 10 posts then you should recognize that the way of asking works
different (more details here:
these rules can be applied both by OpenFoam beginners and pro's)

Since I have read other answers to your posts which are suggesting you
similar ways to proceed as I did, not only I share this opinion, but others
as well.

Again I'm not insulting you I just want you to understand how the forum
works so that everybody can learn from your questions and don't have
to think: "On no another obvious question which he could have looked up."
Then we will get this scientific spirit you asked for in one of your
previous posts.


Edit OT:

The link I gave you actually gives a clear answer to your problem: The way you try to
convert your mesh does not work for there are issues with 2D and 3D meshes between
OF and Fluent. The last post on the link nicely summarizes this issue.

immortality April 17, 2013 06:10

I hope this has been as you tell.
But i don't remember you have answered me till now.then there is no reason to be tired of answering.
Your assumption was basically wrong.searches was done as it related to me.when no result was obtaind (thats the nature of openfoam i wonder how you don't know people learn OF by help of others who have partially worked at that field and there's not a even near complete source)
However It's not acceptable that say to someone no question.
As my advicer told me to remember you:not knowing is not bad not asking is bad (a proverb of us).
Everyone here ask and should is for this work.
Insulting is not only through inappropriate word but worse is through the concept of the speech.
Why some ones think
the forum is their own possosion?
one truthful person told me a few scare of exceeding your posts of theirs.
Im sorry
Why it is so?
As you want to know
No nothing is blocked in iran other than those sites with subjects you know and very few political sites of enemies i know very countries do so
although most of people have access to anti's.
At last but not least:
Don't want people not to ask directly or indirectly or any way.
We have not any barrier to ask in our religion and culture and all is better to be so and no subject there is in the world to hesitate to ask about.
I hope you success.
Its odd that no one have found a resolve to this obvious trouble.

wyldckat April 17, 2013 18:14

For future readers: Ehsan apparently found the answers in the following threads:

immortality April 17, 2013 18:45

thank you Bruno for your summary!
Yes,it can be do with changing empty boundaries to symmetry bc in fluent.
I had guessed that may be the solution but had a doubt till someone verified me although i hadn't mention it to him. I run in fluent in 3d mode while i have a 2d case now in the way that it should be.
Then problem resolved without any argument there !

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