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prousa December 29, 2008 03:56

Hi, I'm trying to create a mes
Hi, I'm trying to create a mesh using blockMesh from a blockMeshDict containing multiple hex blocks.
I managed to do this except one thing. The internal faces between the hexes get merged, but only some of them. Others don't, creating defaultFaces which obviousily confuse the solver.

Update: I learned that and how I have to merge internal patches which do not match 1-to-1 in blockMeshDict by hand using mergePatchPairs. But the result is that blockmesh tells me the following

mergePatchPairs not currently supported.
From function blockMesh
in file genBlockMesh.C at line 198.

Is this simply not implemented, yet? (OpenFOAM_1.5 linux-amd64)

I would really need to have blocks of different sizes to connect to each other.
Any other way of making these internal patches disappear?

What could I do about it? I think I won't manage to implement mergePatchPairs()
I just start understanding the OpenFOAM workflow for my purpose.

I'll attach a (rhoTurbFoam) case showing the behaviour.

Thanks in advance

lakeat May 14, 2009 23:42

I spent a whole day to write m4 file, and eventually only to find:
"mergePatchPairs not currently supported."


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