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gmcgregor November 11, 2008 12:54

Good Day! I have a VERY sim
Good Day!

I have a VERY simple Fluent mesh file: a simple block in a rectangular volume, velocity inlet at one end and pressure outlet at the opposite end.

I run the fluentMeshToFoam program and it builds the various files, e.g. neighbors, points, etc., in the polyMesh directory but not the blockMeshDict file.

The man pages do not provide any guidance for this problem.

Is there an undocumented feature I am supposed to use?

Is there another utility that needs to be executed before I run blockMesh?


gwierink November 11, 2008 14:12

Hi George, When you have co
Hi George,

When you have converted a mesh and the mesh is ok (check it with checkMesh . <case_name> in OpenFOAM-1.4.1, or just checkMesh in the case file in OpenFOAM-1.5) you should not need to build the mesh with blockMesh. Have a go at checkMesh and then just run the case, it should work.

Rgds, Gijsbert

gmcgregor November 12, 2008 14:11

Good Afternoon Gijsbert, Th
Good Afternoon Gijsbert,

Thank you. Your suggestion worked great.

Can you point me to any posts regarding the transfer of the case file information into OF? The fluentMeshToOpenFoam does not handle the case files very well, if at all.

Many thanks!~

gwierink November 13, 2008 02:05

Hi George, As you probably
Hi George,

As you probably have found the setup of an OpenFOAM case there are three folders: "system", "0", and "constant". If you convert your mesh using fluentMeshToFoam (not fluentMeshToOpenFoam) the appropriate files /constant/polyMesh/ describing your case in OpenFOAM format. It is easiest to use a tutorial which best fits the case you want to run and then adjust the files.The thing is then that you still need to adjust the initial and boundary conditions in "0" and "constant" so that the initial conditions make sense to your case and that things like the walls and inlets-outlets have the same name as described in your converted polyMesh file. If you have different names the case will not solve and you can't even view the case properly in ParaView.

Hope this is of any help.

Cheers, Gijsbert

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