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benru June 9, 2008 02:22

Maintainers & collegues-users
Maintainers & collegues-users !

The first, i have a proposal to improve (as i think now) documentation of blockMesh utility in User Guide for more clearance (especially for beginners). They are concerned with mergePatchPairs part - face merging definition. I think, this part would be updated with point and example:
- Master patch - is the patch, that could be merged totally, slave patch - be present without merged faces;
- To merge end of cylinder and face of box, this faces should be defined each as single patch, not as a part of big patch (box-wall or/and cyl-wall), after that they are merged with mergePatchPairs clearly: (end-of-cyl box-face-left). For example :

patch end-of-cylinder
( 8 9 13 12)
patch box-face-left
( 3 2 6 7)

(end-of-cylinder box-face-left)

May be, it's a clear for maintainers and authors, but i spent 1.5 mounth to understand, that blockMesh is a Very Powerfull Tool for meshing.

And the second - may be create a special topic with FAQ for the base utilities, where could be brought proposals of improving documentation - as from authors as from users - that could make this forum more effective as support and improve documentation ?

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