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jonlemur August 6, 2007 17:05

Hello, I am trying to simulate
Hello, I am trying to simulate fluid flow around a cylinder and around a sphere. I am very new to OpenFOAM (and CFD in general), and needing to get some basic results fast. So I wanted to see if anyone could recommend a tutorial for creating spheres and cylinders. And perhaps a tutorial on how to run some simulations on the geometries I make. I looked over the tutorials on the OpenFOAM website, but nothing caught my eye that looked like it taught how to make 3D geometries; everything seemed geared toward 2D.

Thanks for any help you can give.

paka August 6, 2007 19:28

1. Read User Manual. - that se
1. Read User Manual. - that sentence includes all information which you need.

2. Use external software (like Gambit) to create your meshes.

msrinath80 August 6, 2007 19:50

Jon, Search the forum for f

Search the forum for flow past cylinder. Many people have done it. You should be able to use blockMesh to create and mesh your simple geometry with ease. Check out as well. Go over the lid-driven cavity tutorial to grasp some basics. Good Luck!

jonlemur August 7, 2007 18:11

Thanks for the replies. I'll
Thanks for the replies. I'll try that stuff out asap.

hsieh August 8, 2007 13:20

Hi, Personally, I found tha

Personally, I found that cgx ( is easier to use than blockMesh. It gives you the ability to visualize what you are building + the mesh. It also exports to OpenFOAM mesh format.


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