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fabianpk April 5, 2007 08:28

Hello, I'd like to create

I'd like to create a mesh with rounded off corners. I'm not sure what I've created will work, because it ends up with internal faces.

This is the grid:

and this is the grid with the internal faces:

So you see I've made the corners as wedges, resulting in a zero-area face. Doesn't sound very good, but is there some workaround to this? If not I'll have to think of some other type of mesh setup.


mattijs April 6, 2007 03:50

Does the collapseEdges utility
Does the collapseEdges utility do something for you?

fabianpk April 10, 2007 05:55

No, it either doesn't do anyth
No, it either doesn't do anything, or just tries to remove so many edges some cells would get less than 4 faces. It does however, report cells having 5 faces (which is exactly what I want for the cake-sized cells on the edges).

What I've done that works (at least seemingly) is to define the zero-sized faces as empty, and then removed them from the constant/polyMesh/boundary folder. It seems from early testing at least, that this does the job. It's a rather ugly solution though. If I do not remove the lines in boundary-file, I get the same result, only ensight displays the empty boundary a little oddly.

Can I define the cakepiece-blocks as something else than hex to make Foam understand it's supposed to join one edge together, or does it understand that already? It seems to do so, at least from the short simulations I've ran.

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