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aderliner October 31, 2006 02:56

hi,everyong I am workin

I am working on my project about spray, I need a 3D mesh, but the it is seemed that the userguide has nothing about 3D mesh, so, I wonder if someone can send me a case to show me how to creat a 3D mesh.

Thanks a lot!

my email:

Best regards!


mattijs October 31, 2006 05:13

Have a look at the first tutor
Have a look at the first tutorial ('cavity'). You can change the number of cells in the z direction and put whatever patches on the front and back and you'll have a 3D case. (this is using blockMesh)

aderliner October 31, 2006 06:09

Hi~~ when I said "3D me

when I said "3D mesh", I mean that it is a column, and exactly, I need to connect two columns to simulate the spray.
But thank you also the same~~!And, if you know where I can get it, please tell me.



olesen October 31, 2006 06:34

Bobby, Unfortunately, your

Unfortunately, your postings, as they stand, lack a proper description of what you are requesting.
You *will* need to describe what you are looking for.

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