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sampaio October 3, 2005 16:42

I tried to use simpleSpline in
I tried to use simpleSpline in blockMeshDict to generate a curved edge and got a strange result.
Has anyone experiment with this?

(Everything works fine with arc and polyLine, but when I switch to simpleSplines, I got problems: my generated mesh is weird)

Is there any parameter to configure outside blockMeshDict?

Thanks all,

mattijs October 4, 2005 05:07

There are no parameters outsid
There are no parameters outside blockMeshDict. Might be a bug - it is not something a lot of people use.

Have a look at the source code in mesh/generation/blockMesh/curvedEdges/

hjasak October 4, 2005 05:24

Remember, there are 2 kinds of
Remember, there are 2 kinds of splines: ones where you specify the control points but the spline does not go through them and another where you specify the points the spline should go through. Gavin will be able to tell you exactly, but I think that might be your problem.

The answer, of course, is the the source code for spline. The rest of blockMesh just grabs the point spacing from the edge and does block trans-finite mapping, so I don't believe anything is broken there.



grtabor October 5, 2005 06:44

Oh god... its been a really lo
Oh god... its been a really long time since I wrote that bit of code! I can't even remember the source(s) I used to learn about splines - they are quite complicated.

Looking through the code quickly; my impression is that the spline implemented is a bspline which should go through the control points. I do also note that I implemented a class polySplineEdge which represents a spline as a series of straight lines through the control points - so I do wonder if there was some behaviour of the spline implementation that was not making sense at the time. I'm not sure I can be more help than that at this stage, but if you do track down the problem let me (us) know.


Peter Müller November 2, 2011 03:58

Hello together

If I try to use the polySplineEdge and compile my piece of code, I always get the error, that polySplineEdge is not declared. I used it like this:

pointField polySpline = polySplineEdge(.....)

I also tried to include the header-file of polySplineEdge but this does not work either.

if I use:

pointField polySpline = Foam::polySplineEdge(....)

It tells me that polySplineEdge is not a member of Foam. But why? Isn't it described like this in Doxygen? Can anyone tell me how I can use this function?

Thanks a lot

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