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shackman287 September 7, 2010 13:58

square external flow mesh generation
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Hello fellow Foamers:

I am trying to develop a mesh for a small cube inside a large control volume to analyze the turbulence and vortex generation behind the cube. For starters I am setting the z-direction as empty (2D). Please take a look at my attached blockMeshDict, boundary, and checkMesh response. I do not understand why I can generate the blockMesh, but I am failing 4 of the checkMesh criteria. I used mergePatchPairs to subtract the small cube from the large control volume. When viewing the mesh in ParaFoam/ParaView it looks perfect, cube is subtracted from rest of internal mesh. I am using PisoFoam (LES) as a solver and it won't get past the first iteration.

any advice would be extremely helpful, thank you


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