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Bruce Hartley June 15, 2011 23:49

Setting temperature on a patch for laplacianFoam
I just want to set a simple patch at a definable temperature in a simple model to use to solve with laplacianFoam. I have copied the tutorial example but it is too difficult to understand and the users instructions are insufficient for me to use. So, what do I need to put into blockMeshDict and in other places if required, in order to set some temperature boundary conditions on a very simple Laplace's equation solution?


akidess June 16, 2011 03:35

You just use blockMeshDict to define and name your patches. The boundary (and initial) conditions are set in the files in the 0/ directory. So if you want to set a fixed temperature on a certain patch, you add / edit that patch in 0/T:


patchName {
      type    fixedValue;
      value  uniform 500;

Bruce Hartley June 16, 2011 04:25

But whaqt goes into the blockMeshDict file?
I can see that type of definition in the 0/T file but I can't make sense of what I need to put into the blockMeshDict.

Things like

patch1 fixedValue
(0 1 10 9)

give errors

akidess June 16, 2011 07:46

I'm not psychic, so "gives errors" won't help a lot in fixing your problem. Anyway the general way to define a patch is:

patch_type is either patch or empty in most cases, and patch name is whatever you want to call it (although fixedValue might not be the best idea because it clashes with an openfoam type, to avoid confusion better call it something like Dirichlet).

patch_type patch_name
(four point indicies that make up a patch)

Bruce Hartley June 16, 2011 20:58

Akkides, Thanks, I have it now.

Bruce Hartley

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