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pad July 27, 2011 04:35

I don't understand the behaviour of mergePatchPairs
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Hi guys,

I am using blockMesh to generate a mesh comprising of 11 different rings. When I want to merge the 11 different blocks into 1 mesh I can succeed in merging about half of the blocks but not all of them.

My blockMeshDict file is as below. blockMesh run OK when I just merge the first 6 pairs (or last 5 pairs) but fails when I run all 11 pairs. Also, merging face1a/b at the same time as face2a/b fails.

Does anyone know what the problem is?


MartinB July 27, 2011 10:43

Hi Per,

you don't need mergePatchPairs for your mesh. Just omit the mergePatchPair part.

Btw your mesh dimensions seem to be very large. May be you want to define "convertToMeters 0.001" instead of "convertToMeters 1000"?


pad July 27, 2011 10:50

Thank you for replying.

You are correct about the convertToMeters factor - was so occupied getting this right that I didn't have time to correct it :-)

However, I have created the mesh as a single region now but will try your suggestion.

Does face matching only come into play when mergePatchPairs is deleted from the blockMeshDict file?

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