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jferrari April 10, 2012 11:12

Help on best practices
Ultimately I would like to mesh an airfoil inside of a circle in order to rotate the circle and study the dynamic stall on the airfoil. To get more comfortable with blockMesh, I'm meshing a small circle inside of a larger circle where the two circles have different centers. Just making blocks in the eccentric annulus had non-orthogonal cells, so I made the block boundaries splines. I created these splines by marking a couple of points normal to each wall and let the spline figure it out in between. This seemed to work, but I'm still getting some cells that look kind of strange. I'm thinking this could be because I haven't marked enough points on the spline, but maybe it's something else. In any case, is this the best way to go about this - is there a better way to mesh an airfoil transitioning to a circle other than matching the slopes with splines?

The entire mesh

The cells close to the inner circle that look strange

The cells close to the outer circle that look strange

wiedangel April 19, 2012 17:03

Hi Jeferrari,

your mesh looks very nice to me. I am also trying to work on good practices to simulate airfoils. My idea is to use a c.grid imbeded in an o-grid, also to be able to rotate the airfoil to study dynamic stall later. What do you mean by the cells look strange. I will try to pots some pics of my mesh during next week.


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