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Bercht June 22, 2012 07:10

boundary conditions with Gmsh stl

I created a geometry with Gmsh and exported it as an stl file. After that i meshed it with snappyHexMesh. But i dont have any boundaries defined with this method. Everytime i export an stl file with gmsh i get the msg, that physical groups can't be saved.
Is there any way i can create my boundaries with a combination of gmsh->stl->SHM ?
If no, what else could I use?

Jaworski.Mike July 10, 2012 11:04

Hi Bercht,
I think I had this problem as well. What I saw is that even if I defined physical entities in gmsh, that the stl file would only be listed as a single solid with the name "Created by Gmsh", which is useless if you need multiple patches. I worked around it by saving the different patches separately, running sed on the files to replace the "Created by Gmsh" with "minY" or whatever I wanted, and then putting the various stl files together with cat.

I've been wondering if I'm doing something wrong in Gmsh or if there's an easier way or a scriptable way to do the same thing, because it's a pain when there are a lot of patches on a part. Still, this is how I've been going from Gmsh->stl->sHM.


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