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jam August 8, 2012 13:01

How to get Gmsh hex mesh for "2-D" simulation in OF?
I am having difficulties trying to do a mesh for a good 2-D OF solution from Gmsh.

Because my domain is not so simple, I cannot use blockMesh. The next best is Gmsh, IMHO. To get an OF 2-D mesh, I used:

Extrude { x,x,x}{
Surface {xxx} ; Layers{1,1};

I just learned last week that if I recombine a transfinite surface before the extrusion, I can get quad elements which solved much better than the prism elements.

But I would like to use the unstructured mesh and extrude as above but create hex elements. This doesn't seem possible because the third direction is also divided which give 2 Layers and therefore is not considered as a 2-D problem anymore. As a 3-D problem it is solvable but it takes a very long time with my setup.

My question is : is it possible to remove the second mesh layer after the meshing is done or is it possible to prevent the third dimension to be divided before meshing?

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