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summer8 September 14, 2012 01:21

syntax error in opening *geo file in gmsh
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hi there,

i am intending to export a *geo file containing geometry with solid meshing from solidworks to gmsh. however, gmsh reports syntax error (*) in line 1 of the file and doesn't open. what does this mean? could anyone please kindly let me know what exactly is the problem here?

thank you!

JulytoNovember September 14, 2012 22:22

The .geo file for Solidworks has a different format than Gmsh, from what I see. Open your file in a file editor, and do the same with a Gmsh .geo file and you will see the difference. Export your file as a .step or .brep file, then load it into Gmsh and see if that helps.

summer8 September 16, 2012 15:49

but if i were to save it as a STEP file in solidworks and export to gmsh, i would only be left with the surface geometry and i would have to mesh again in gmsh, wouldn't i?
I was wondering whether there is any way that i can retain the mesh from solidworks in gmsh and then be able to export it as a *msh file for FE pre-processer. Is it possible?

Thank you for your time and reply!

JulytoNovember September 20, 2012 23:10

Try .stl format, that way your file is still a mesh. Import the .stl file into Gmsh, then save the file in the .msh format. I've never used Solidworks, but I'm guessing .geo file for Solidworks is a mesh. However; .geo file for Gmsh is a geometry. I wonder can Solidworks read Gmsh .geo file, do you know?

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