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gara1988 November 19, 2012 14:08

Hello, I have to do a mesh around a specific wing to study ice accretion; I have to simulate viscid fluid around the wing. What software do you advice? With GMSH the mesh generated has tetrahedral also in the boundary layer and it's a problem for viscid solution. How can I solve this problem with Gmsh or other program?

Best regards.


elvis November 27, 2012 11:11


there are many meshing programs to use netgen, gmsh, etc.
Some people are not to happy with usabilaty and the workflow of engrid.
It uses blender to do design or STL-file clean up.
But one clear advantage is that it creates OF meshes you do not need to use a converter.
Engrid 1.4 comes with conjugate heat transfer support (maybe a nice feature for deicing/ice accretion)

If you want to study ice accretion (OF 1.6-extend has a feature called Finite Area Method (FAM) this is an elegant tool for thin film wetting on complex geometries)
a similar tool came for "OpenFOAM Foundation`s" OF version 2.0.0 =>Surface film
I just thought that could be useful.

Purists from the "Extend camp" think FAM is far better than Surface film tool from the "OpenFOAM Foundation camp" (I do not know if that is true)

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