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Naruto November 24, 2012 11:24

Blender+Engrid+Gmsh+OpenFOAM problem
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I am quiet new in the world of CFD and open source software. That is why I am apologizing at first if my question seems too naive. Currently I am trying to build a flow model of my own. At first I drew the geometry in Blender. Then I exported the geometry in .stl format. My blender version is 2.6. Blender version 2.6 does not allow exporting geometry in ASCII .stl format.

After that I imported my geometry in engrid. I wanted to do my meshing using engrid. but for some strange reason engrid did not perform any meshing in my geometry. However, I was able to put boundary conditions to my geometry and save it in ASCII .stl format in engrid. I used Gmsh to perform meshing in the geometry. But when I tried to convert the gmsh meshes to OpenFOAM mesh using the command gmshToFoam then this error message appeared:
No cells read from file "Pro.msh"
Does your file specify any 3D elements (hex=5, prism=6, pyramid=7, tet=4)?
Perhaps you have not exported the 3D elements?

Right now I am very frustrated. I am just stuck in here. I did a lot of trial and error stuff in the last week. But I could not make it work. Please suggest me something. I am attaching my files.

elvis November 27, 2012 10:01

Dear Abdullah,

yesterday Oliver Gloth gave a feature presentation of the coming Engrid 1.4 at the southern german come together meeting in Karlsruhe.

He told me that one can export and import "engrid <-> blender" using these python scripts (that are included with the sources).
If you have not done already, copy the scripts into => .blender/.../addons
(I will write exact paths when I sit at my Linux workstation)

Did you write about your problem on ?

Naruto November 28, 2012 03:24

Dear Elvis,
Thank you for your kind reply. I would check. Actually I could import my geometry in engrid in binary (Blender could not provide binary .stl) .stl format. But the problem is engrid is not performing any kind of meshing in there.

But engrid has a very nice way of giving boundary conditions to a geometry. So I used engrid to give boundary conditions to my geometry and then saved it in ASCII .stl format. After that I imported that .stl file in Gmsh. Gmsh could perform meshing perfectly.

Here comes the problem. When I am running the command gmshToFoam to convert the gmsh to foam mesh I am seeing error messages in my terminal.
However I would check your solution.

I did not post my problem in engrid forum. I am thinking of posting now.

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