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jr33 February 11, 2013 20:25

creating interface in two solids in Netgen
For 2D case, I have a circular region inside a rectangular region. I can mesh using gmsh/Netgen, then convert it to openfoam file. I am wondering how to handle interface region so that I can define:

type mappedWall;
nFaces 750;
startFace 566250;
sampleMode nearestPatchFace;
sampleRegion Solid2;
samplePatch Solid2_to_Solid1;
offsetMode uniform;
offset (0 0 0);

1) I guess I will have to mesh two solids separately.
2) How to include interface region information if I am meshing using gmsh/Netgen.
3) or there is any alternative way to get blockMeshDict file

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