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fportela March 20, 2013 05:00

MVG with Gmsh for OpenFOAM
Hello OpenFOAMers!

I am trying to generate a mesh of a MVG like this one:

I have tried using Gmsh, but the quality of the mesh on the sides near the sharp angle is always very bad. The good thing about Gmsh is that I could easily prescribe cyclic boundaries.

Does any one have any tips for this kind of situation? Or on how to go around this bad cells issue?

wyldckat March 25, 2013 17:44

Greetings Felipe,

Does it have to be Gmsh? I ask this because if you are going to use OpenFOAM, you can use a few other meshers and auxiliary applications, such as:
Best regards,

fportela March 26, 2013 04:57

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for the tips!

Indeed, there is no particular need to use Gmsh, it's just that I am more used to it.

I already tried using snappyHexMesh (with a procedure similar to that of SwiftSnap) but then I lose a bit of geometry detail... Also I got the feeling that the overall quality of the mesh decreases a lot (whilst when using Gmsh the problem is localized).

I will have a loop at SwiftBlock and see what I can manage!


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