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philippose May 2, 2013 15:59

Netgen - News
Hello and a Good Evening,

I thought I would inform the group here of a few recent changes to Netgen which would be relevant to OpenFOAM users:

1. There now exists a CMake Build version of Netgen which compiles (hopefully) on Windows and Linux. This version can be found at:

As always, it would be great if errors in the build process / usage front could be reported.... either directly on Github, or here.

The version on Github essentially mirrors the official Netgen release found at:

2. The capability to export OpenFOAM meshes directly from Netgen has existed for quite a while now, but today I added on the ability to also export the mesh in compressed ".gz" format.

3. The Netgen mesh export format "STL Extended" exports a surface mesh generated in Netgen into a single STL file, but with each boundary patch encapsulated into a separate "SOLID".... This makes it possible to use this export as an input into snappyHexMesh.

In addition, the STL Mesh export now also supports exporting into ".stl.gz" format, which compresses the file using "gz".

4. Netgen now has an additional external dependency.... the "GZ" library. So for those of you who would like to compile Netgen (in either Windows or Linux) will need to have this library present on the system.

Thats all for now :-)!

Have a great evening ahead!


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