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Artur May 19, 2013 15:14

Netgen .stl file import - segmentation fault
I have been trying to import a simple .stl geometry (extruded airfoil section created using Inventor 2013) into NETGEN 5.0 and got a "segmentation fault" error. I repeated this for .step and .iges with the same result.

I ran the OpenFOAM surfaceCheck and it returned "1 unconnected part". I then used the surfaceConvert supplied with OpenFOAM to turn the geometry into another .stl file. The new file could then be successfully imported into NETGEN.

Although I found a way around the problem I didn't really fix it. I am new to NETGEN software and would really like to know why this problem occurred and how the surfaceConvert fixed the issue?


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