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pici June 24, 2013 10:55

Salomé Geom groups with linear elem. and points
Hi to everybody.
Generally I use Salomé 7.2.0 for preprocessing my studies and I have no problem using Geometrical Groups to define Boundary feces for OpenFOAM.
I'm trying now to add Geom. Groups for creating Edge zones, for special post processing issues using ParaView.
Salomé manages groups very well and they are available for generating Mesh Groups, so my model is OK and it looks very nice too ;) !
But utility ideasUnvToFoam presently reads only groups of faces :( (I read this explicit declaration in source code) and I must do a lot of annoying tricks to have result I need.
Can someone help me to customize this tool in this way? or does know of an already existent customization able to read also Group of Edges and/or Group of Points?

Thanks a lot

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