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elorriaux February 23, 2009 11:58

Hello, i've noticed a littl

i've noticed a little problem with a mesh imported from gmsh.

I am using OpenFOAM-1.4.1-dev and tried to set up a dynamic mesh with a mesh imported from gmsh (gmsh-2.2.6). It's an axisymmetric case, so i revolved my mesh in gmsh to get a 5 wedge mesh.

The problem occurs when i try to update the mesh after setting up the motionU field. It crashes in the DICPrecontioner class with a null division. The checkMesh noticed some unused points in the mesh.

To be sure that the problem comes from the mesh, i've rebuild a mesh with the makeAxialMesh contrib and the mesh update worked fine.

I don't know if it still occurs with OF-1.5, i've not updated my stuff to OF-1.5-dev at the moment.



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