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jhierroa January 2, 2007 22:35

I am interested in knowing whe
I am interested in knowing whether there is any way to work with a mesh divided into different sets (for instance rings around a central cylinder with different transport coefficients) where the final computation of the equations is, moreover, divided into different processors (with divisions along the z axis).

In other words:

Let it be a cylinder with rings around it with different transport properties and each cylinder is modelled by a different set (cellSet is used in the main code to set the transport properties in each ring). Is there any chance to compute the resulting system in parallel?

NOTE: a standard use of decomposePar works fine with everything (faces, nodes, points, patches, ...) except for the definition of the different sets which are not decomposed among the different processors.

mattijs January 3, 2007 06:52

decomposePar does decompose zo
decomposePar does decompose zones (cellZones, faceZones, pointZones). Run setsToZones to convert your sets to zones and use e.g. the 'zoneToCell' cellSet source to convert back.

gschaider January 3, 2007 10:23

Hi Juan! I have written a s
Hi Juan!

I have written a small modification to decomposePar that decomposes the sets as well. If you're interested, send me a mail.

jhierroa January 3, 2007 17:06

Yes, I am interested in that s
Yes, I am interested in that small modification. I have already sent you a mail.

lr103476 January 15, 2008 08:53

Hi Bernhard, This post is
Hi Bernhard,

This post is quite old, but I'm also interested in the modification of decomposePar to decompose cellSets......Could you post it here ?

Thanks and regards, Frank

gschaider January 15, 2008 15:18

Hi Frank! I've adapted it
Hi Frank!

I've adapted it to compile on 1.4.1 (due to that it won't compile on 1.4 or lower) and put it on the svn on openfoam-extend. You can get it (and a test-case) with this command:

svn checkout https://openfoam-extend.svn.sourcefo...oseParWithSets

As an alternative I'll attach a patch here that contains all the necessary changes to the original decomposePar-sources and should work on 1.3 and 1.4 too.

I havn't used the modification in a long time, but it still seems to work

Bernhard domainDecomposition.C.patch

lr103476 January 15, 2008 18:05

Thanks Bernhard! It seems
Thanks Bernhard!

It seems to work. I now have decomposed a case with two mesh subsets, but something real strange occurs:

The wing motion of the same case with 2 subsets is different in parallel compared to the serial case. Very strange, but at least I can decompose now.....thanks for that.


cricke January 25, 2008 10:48

Hi I've tried setsToZone but
I've tried setsToZone but then get problems with memory allocation?!

Where do I compile the domainDecompositiion.C.patch file? Does it affect my original decomposePar or can I switch back if it doesnt work? What command to execute the new decomposePar?

Christofer Ivarsson

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