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ed_teller September 8, 2007 15:19

Hi Foamers, I wish to repo
Hi Foamers,

I wish to report a bug in gmsh2ToFoam that happened to stop prematurely the mesh conversion from esempio5.geo (.msh) created in gmsh 2.0.8

from Mavimo webpage

As I was saying, i increased the mesh refinement in .geo file, batch converted it to .msh file ( approx. 6.0 Meg size ), and finally executed gmsh2ToFoam /../../icoFoam /../../exe2 **.msh ;

The conversion starts, and it progresses as shown in the shell, but it stops with a rather cryptic ( the file size is small ) segmentation fault error.

Can someone please help me on this...?

Best regards,


My system is a Novell Suse 10.1, 512 Megs, Pentium 4 2.66 GHz, with OpenFOAM 1.3 release.

7islands September 9, 2007 06:32

Hi Alex, The command line "gm
Hi Alex,
The command line "gmsh2ToFoam /../../icoFoam /../../exe2 **.msh" seems a bit strange since it should set exe2 directly under the root directory as the case-path.

Apart from that, the site seems to be down so I can't test by myself as of now... Meanwhile could you be a bit more specific as to espceially the version you are using, the message you got, etc? For clarification the latest one is version 20070905 (05, Sep. '07) that comes with gmshFoam package. I wish you test it first if you are not using the version. To install it in a simplest way download the package into $WM_PROJECT_USER_DIR/applications/utilities and run the followings:

$ cd $WM_PROJECT_USER_DIR/applications/utilities
$ tar -zxf gmshFoam-20070905.tar.gz
$ cd gmshFoam-20070905
$ ./Allwmake


7islands September 9, 2007 23:12

Hi, OK the site recovered so
OK the site recovered so I tried esempio5.geo refined to characteristic length 0.02 (actually modello.geo on the site, resulting .msh file size 6 MBytes) with Gmsh 2.0.8 and the latest gmsh2ToFoam on OF 1.3.

The mesh was converted just fine and passed checkMesh (with some highly non-orthogonal faces). The back-imported polyMesh by gmshFoam (not the as-generated original .msh) looks like

So, my suggestion is to use the latest gmsh2ToFoam.


ed_teller September 10, 2007 16:53

Ok, I will give it a new try.
Ok, I will give it a new try.

Btw, is there any alternative way to impose boundary conditions on computational domains besides patchTool ? Do Gambit mesh exports preserve the boundary assignments to OpenFOAM under gambitToFoam (think its the name...) conversion...?



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