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edvardsenpriv December 5, 2005 18:12

As I understand OpenFOAM solve
As I understand OpenFOAM solves cases in 3 dimensions by default, but can be instructed to solve in 2 dimensions by specifying the "empty" boundary condition on boundaries normal to the (3rd) dimension. When using Netgen the only elements that seem to be possible to convert is tet-elements, for which the "empty" boundary condition can not be used (I assume). I had an idea that it maybe was possible to import a surface-mesh, which then could be extruded, but haven't succeded so far. Anyone has good experience in running 2D cases on imported automesh (netgen / other meshers)? sometimes even a 2D geometry gets complex...


eugene December 6, 2005 05:07

If you have a 2D surface and w
If you have a 2D surface and want to make a 2D mesh, you want to use extrudeMesh followed by autoPatch. Of course, tetrahedral elements cannot form a 2D mesh.

edvardsenpriv December 6, 2005 06:23

Thanks, but are you able to i
but are you able to import any 2D surface to OpenFOAM (from which mesher?), or do you use blockmesh? I have mainly used Netgen (which can also mesh 2D surface mesh), but in the netgenNeutralToFoam converter, 2D surface seems not yet to be supported.


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