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gdbaldw October 30, 2006 12:09

Hello. A robust UNV to OpenFO
Hello. A robust UNV to OpenFOAM conversion may be possible using the open source UNV_IO module included with the LIBMESH GNU library. This UNV_IO module supports TRI, QUAD, TET, PRISM, & HEX.

I would really like to use Salmone with OpenFOAM. Unfortunately, I am not a C-coder. I trust that what I have found may be useful in furthering the utility of OpenFOAM.

Documentation, header, source, and examples are available at the following sourceforge URLs:

Documentation is available at:

The header files are available at:

The source code is available at:

Examples are available at:

BTW, the CAElinux Beta 3A announced utility for converting UNV to OpenFOAM is simply a copy of the code from this forum posted at

Please disregard if this information is unhelpful.


gdbaldw November 1, 2006 13:03

The specification for UNV form
The specification for UNV format 2412 is available here:

All UNV specs are available here:

Illustrations showing the UNV mapping of points for elements is available in the libmesh documentation. For instance:

/ | \
/ | \
0 o...|...o 2
\ | /
\ | /

(sorry, the white-space got compressed) copied from here:

Many other UNV element type illustrations can be accessed from the page here:

Now, if could only write C++. I am eager to learn...

billy November 2, 2006 21:45

You can also check the codes p
You can also check the codes posted at:

Maybe you can test these and add your contribution.

markc March 2, 2008 15:30

Has anyone have some tips rega
Has anyone have some tips regarding importing meshes in OpenFOAM? As most messages I read are from 2006 or earlier it seems that many of those attempts failed. E.g.: did finally anyone succeed with Salome and unvToFoam?
Is Netgen still alive?
I am trying to use GiD. The problem so far is that I do not know how to define/name/label boundary faces yet.
Can anyone explain a clear and proven procedure about going from Iges to mesh to OpenFoam?
Thanks in advance,


mkraposhin March 7, 2008 09:47

Yes, i succesfully converted m
Yes, i succesfully converted my mesh from SALOME (3.2.6) to OpenFOAM (1.4.1)

Exporting procedure may be like this

1) Save geometry to IGES (I'm using BREP) format
2) Import IGES (or BREP) to Salome (in GEOM Module)
3) Explode obtained in 2 step compound object (for example, file.brep) into volumes
4) Define boundaries as groups
5) switch in Salome to SMESH module
6) mesh geomtry
7) define face groups for obtained mesh (BC)
8) export to UNV format
9) ideasUnvToFoam

sorry for bad english

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