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micpage18 August 23, 2006 20:03

Hi, the new version of Salome
Hi, the new version of Salome can export mesh in UNV format and keep group defined. I want to know if this format can be converted to OpenFoam and what is the procedure.


Michael Page

mattijs August 24, 2006 12:21

Does anyone know which port of
Does anyone know which port of Salome runs on a Suse10.1 distro? Having problems with OmniOrb and name servers and such (it's even worse than FoamX ;-)

santos August 27, 2006 20:52

Hello Mattijs I have instal
Hello Mattijs

I have installed the version for RedHat 8.0 on OpenSuse 10.1 and it works perfectly. In order to avoid problems, I suggest you to choose the binary option for every component during the instalation procedure. Make sure you source (that is located in ..../salome/KERNEL_3.2.1) prior to running ...../KERNEL_3.2.1/bin/salome/runSalome.

I also have the same problem as Michael Page, I dont know how to convert UNV format to OpenFOAM format.

Best regards
Josť Santos

billy August 28, 2006 12:40

Hi, I think you need to bui

I think you need to build a converter for that. From what I recall ideasToFoam translates a ansys format built using Ideas or something like that, which I found strange. I think ideasToFoam should read the unv file not an ansys type file.

billy August 28, 2006 12:51

Hi Jose, You installed all
Hi Jose,

You installed all that software listed in Salome's "Hardware and Software Requirements" or does it all come with the (492 Mb) download? It seems so much work. Is it worth it?


micpage18 August 28, 2006 18:00

Hi Mattijs, Also, you can i
Hi Mattijs,

Also, you can install CAE Linux who contain a operating system (Pc linux) with a lot of engineering's program pre-installed (OpenFoam, Salome, Code-Aster and many other). Personnally, I work with CAE Linux because I don't know very well Linux, and time is money.


ziad August 28, 2006 20:58

Actually each one of the these
Actually each one of the these codes is installable on Suse10 and ubuntu BB/DD. As for Salome, just installed it on OpenSuse 10.1 with gcc 4.1.0 (it works) native tcl/tk and all the binary trimmings (no sources) using the default config file config.xml. the file can be sourced from .bashrc (or .tcshrc)

santos August 30, 2006 11:12

Hello Billy It all came wit
Hello Billy

It all came with the 492 MB download, and actually it was really easy to install. Give it a try. Hopefully you can figure out a way to convert the UNV file to OpenFOAM format ;-)

Josť Santos

billy August 30, 2006 15:24

Hi, I have just downloaded

I have just downloaded caelinux and it seems very good. After, I will try to do a simulation using SALOME and OpenFOAM. I believe Salome can import IGES and STEP files, right?


micpage18 August 31, 2006 06:55

Hi Billy, You're right, Sal
Hi Billy,

You're right, Salome can import IGES and STEP files. These format can be created by the majority of CAO software like SolidWorks and ProE.

But, I didn't succeed to make a simulation on OpenFoam with a mesh created with Salome because UNV format is not again supported by OpenFoam. So, if you find a way to use it, please post it on this forum.


olesen August 31, 2006 08:33

If any of the Salmome users ha
If any of the Salmome users have information about the UNV format (especially how it is exported by Salome), fitting it into a format that Foam can import easily should be possible.


micpage18 August 31, 2006 11:28

UNV file writed by Salome are
UNV file writed by Salome are in normal text. So, if you click on it, you can read the mesh. Also, the structure of the file seem easy to understand. I don't know very well mesh format, but I think that node is in first, element after and at the end of the file there are groups. With some experiment, the structure of the file can ben found.


mattijs August 31, 2006 12:22

I can install ok Salome but wh
I can install ok Salome but when I run it something goes wrong with the name server: "omni_thread_fatal". This is on a 64bit Suse10.1. Anyone else running 64bit without problems? Can you post/send your runSalome output?

Searching for a free port for naming service: 2810 - Ok
Configure parser: processing /home/hunt2/mattijs/salome_3.2.1/GUI_3.2.1/share/salome/resources/gui/SalomeApp. xml ...
Configure parser: Warning : could not find configuration file /home/hunt2/mattijs/salome_3.2.1/GUI_3.2.1/share/salome/resources/SalomeApp.xml
Configure parser: Warning : could not find user configuration file
GEOM OCAF Resources
GEOM Shape Healing Resources
startSalome {u'portkill': 0, u'file': 0, u'embedded': [u'SalomeAppEngine', u'study', u'cppContainer', u'registry', u'moduleCatalog'], u'killall': 0, 'appname': 'SalomeApp', u'modules': [u'GEOM', u'SMESH', u'VISU', u'SUPERV', u'MED', u'COMPONENT', u'PYCALCULATOR'], u'gui': 1, u'xterm': 0, u'interp': 0, u'pyModules': u'', 'port': 2810, u'splash': 1, u'SMESH_plugins': [u'NETGENPlugin', u'GHS3DPlugin'], u'key': [u'no'], 'plugins': [], 'containers': [], u'logger': 0, u'noexcepthandler': 0, u'standalone': [u'pyContainer', u'supervContainer', 'superv']}
Lancement du Naming Service > /tmp/logs/mattijs/salomeNS.log 2>&1
Searching Naming Service + found in 0.1 seconds
Notify Server to launch
command = ['notifd', '-c', '/home/hunt2/mattijs/salome_3.2.1/KERNEL_3.2.1/share/salome/resources/kernel/cha nnel.cfg', '-DFactoryIORFileName=/tmp/mattijs_rdifact.ior', '-DChannelIORFileName=/tmp/mattijs_rdichan.ior', '-DReportLogFile=/tmp/', '-DDebugLogFile=/tmp/mattijs_notifd.debug']
command = ['SALOME_Session_Server', '--with', 'Registry', '(', '--salome_session', 'theSession', ')', '--with', 'ModuleCatalog', '(', '-common', u'/home/hunt2/mattijs/salome_3.2.1/KERNEL_3.2.1/share/salome/resources/kernel/KE RNELCatalog.xml:/home/hunt2/mattijs/salome_3.2.1/GEOM_3.2.1/share/salome/resourc es/geom/GEOMCatalog.xml:/home/hunt2/mattijs/salome_3.2.1/SMESH_3.2.1/share/salom e/resources/smesh/SMESHCatalog.xml:/home/hunt2/mattijs/salome_3.2.1/VISU_3.2.1/s hare/salome/resources/visu/VISUCatalog.xml:/home/hunt2/mattijs/salome_3.2.1/SUPE RV_3.2.1/share/salome/resources/superv/SUPERVCatalog.xml:/home/hunt2/mattijs/sal ome_3.2.1/MED_3.2.1/share/salome/resources/med/MEDCatalog.xml:/home/hunt2/mattij s/salome_3.2.1/COMPONENT_3.2.1/share/salome/resources/component/COMPONENTCatalog .xml:/home/hunt2/mattijs/salome_3.2.1/PYCALCULATOR_3.2.1/share/salome/resources/ pycalculator/PYCALCULATORCatalog.xml', '-personal', '/home/hunt2/mattijs/Salome/resources/CatalogModulePersonnel.xml', ')', '--with', 'SALOMEDS', '(', ')', '--with', 'Container', '(', 'FactoryServer', ')', '--with', 'SalomeAppEngine', '(', ')', 'CPP', 'PY', 'SUPERV', 'GUI', 'SPLASH', '--modules (', u'GEOM:', u'SMESH:', u'VISU:', u'SUPERV:', u'MED:', u'COMPONENT:', u'PYCALCULATOR:', ')']
command = ['SALOME_ContainerManagerServer', '--with', 'Registry', '(', '--salome_session', 'theSession', ')', '--with', 'ModuleCatalog', '(', '-common', '', '-personal', '${HOME}/Salome/resources/CatalogModulePersonnel.xml', ')', '--with', 'SALOMEDS', '(', ')', '--with', 'Container', '(', 'FactoryServer', ')']
command = ['', 'FactoryServerPy']
Searching /Containers/hunt/FactoryServerPy in Naming Service +terminate called after throwing an instance of 'omni_thread_fatal'
th. 3745225072 COMPILED with /dn22/SALOME/series3x/KERNEL/Mandrake/KERNEL_SRC/src/Container/SALOME_ContainerM anagerServer.cxx [31] : g++, Jul 19 2006 at 19:40:11

billy August 31, 2006 13:54

I think ideasToFoam should be
I think ideasToFoam should be called ansysToFoam and ideasToFoam should read unv format. I think this has confused people because they are trying to convert unv with ideasToFoam and it is not possible.

This is what I know of unv data file:

unv is tricky because there is no count of the nodes and elements at the beggining of the file. So you have to dynamically allocate more memory as you read the file.

A data set always starts with -1 and ends with -1. After the starttag comes the description tag: 2411 is for nodes, 2412 is for elements.

*dk - dont know

Nodes have format:
%d %d %d %d (index dk dk dk)
%f %f %f (x y z)

Elements have format:
%d %d %d %d %d %d (index type dk dk dk nbnodes)

Format varies with type of element
type = 11 (beams)
%d %d %d (dk dk dk)
%d %d (node1 node2)

type = 41 (triangles)
%d %d %d (node1 node2 node3)

type = 111 (tetrahedra)
%d %d %d %d (node1 node2 node3 node4)


billy August 31, 2006 19:19

I started a program to read un
I started a program to read unv file format but I am not sure how to dynamically allocate memory in C++ and convert the data to OpenFOAM. unvToFoam.C

micpage18 August 31, 2006 20:15

I know nothing in programmatio
I know nothing in programmation but maybe it's more easy to make a program that convert unv to another format that OpenFoam can use, like gmsh format.

billy August 31, 2006 22:02

That I already have. Alhougth
That I already have. Alhougth I don't think it will work for all meshes.

hsieh September 1, 2006 07:47

Hi, Guys, Quite a while ago
Hi, Guys,

Quite a while ago, I was considering asking Mattijs to develop unvToFoam utility for us using our support contract. But, we decided to abandon it because we stopped our I-DEAS maintenace (the future of I-DEAS is questionable at this point). Now that Salome v3.2.1 can read/write unv format, maybe we should reconsider it. One major capability I am interested in is that, we can use "groups" to "merge" different types of elements (merge quad/Tri on the commone faces) and build a hybrid mesh.

Mattijs worked on this before. If anyone here is willing to co-share the cost, then, we are in. Please let me know if you have a support contract with opencfd and is willing to share the cost with us. If I remember it correctly, this will take few days of Mattijs' time.


olesen September 1, 2006 08:18

Billy, Rather than writing

Rather than writing an entire IO system yourself, you may wish to look at libmesh.

Assuming that you can harnesh libmesh to get a primitive mesh, the fluent/starcd conversions should give you an idea of how to generate a foam mesh ... or simply target a fluent/starcd mesh from there.


billy September 1, 2006 13:47

Hi Pei, Although unv format
Hi Pei,

Although unv format can support several data about mesh, BC, groups, etc. I think Salome only exports two datasets: nodes and elements.

The best would be Salome to export in OpenFOAM format or another simple format since as you said Ideas is being replaced by Unigraphics and I don't know if they will to continue to support unv format.


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