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jenzhao April 28, 2005 00:55

hey, guys I want to simulat
hey, guys

I want to simulate blood flow in physiological realistic blood vessels. I need relatively good resoluation for my mesh. I wonder if you could give me some suggestions in which open source meshing software to use.



grtabor April 28, 2005 08:35

I am currently working with a
I am currently working with a colleague here in Exeter on developing tools for generating CCM meshes from medical images (MRI image stacks). The output is to Fluent format, but there is a Fluent->FOAM conversion program (and in the long term I'm aiming to write an output to FOAM directly). Its a commercial program I'm afraid - the website is at - but I'm quite keen on doing something useful with it, in particular looking at physiological flows - so if you are interested, contact me ( and we might be able to sort something out.


gruber2 September 8, 2006 14:13

Here is a very good overview o
Here is a very good overview of free and commercial meshing tools


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