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tomhebunn April 12, 2011 08:59

gmshToFoam issue
I'm faily new to OpenFOAM and have been trying to convert a meshed part done in gmsh to OpenFOAM. i've followed steps found here but am getting the following error:

>gmshToFoam . blade-mesh.msh

Usage: gmshToFoam <.msh file> [-keepOrientation] [-case dir] [-help] [-doc] [-srcDoc]

Wrong number of arguments, expected 1 found 2

I'm sure I've missed something but not sure what. Any help would be appreciated.

GregorS April 13, 2011 13:24

Try with:
gmshToFoam ./blade-mesh.msh

tomhebunn April 14, 2011 09:06

Thanks. That appears to have sorted it out.

All the best.

AdamK April 16, 2011 08:08

Try just:

>gmshToFoam blade-mesh.msh

without the "."

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