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the_phew May 10, 2011 10:58

A basic Gmsh question: 1D transfinite

My Pointwise license has lapsed, and I need to get by with Gmsh for the near term. The code seems to be pretty nice, but I have a very fundamental issue that I was hoping to get help on:

I have a line, and I want to specify its dimension and spacing at both ends. In Pointwise, I would simply dimension the connector, specify the DeltaS at each end, then choose a distribution (tanh seems to always work well). In Gmsh, only two distributions are available, "Progression" and "Bump", but for both of these, the spacings at both ends are dependent variables (dependent on the Progression Parameter and Dimension). I want the independent variables to be the spacings at each end and the dimension. Is this possible?


P.S.-Related question; how do you find out the dimension of a line/curve generated by the "regular" (non-transfinite) 1-D algorithm? I would like the dimension to display when I mouse over the entity, but it only tells me the index of the line and its endpoints.

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