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Andrea_85 November 2, 2011 12:03

gmsh and big geometry
Hi all,
I'm using gmsh to construct an stl surface to use after with snappy. Is there a maximum number of points/lines/surfaces that GMSH can handle? actually i'm trying to create the .stl from the .geo file directly from shell (to be sure is not a graphical issue). My geo file calls the CheeseHole function 40.000 times and there should be about 320.000 points and 480.000 lines. I'm running on a cluster with 256GB of memory and, at the moment, 1 hour is not enough to create the stl file (actually it is blocked in "Reading 'myFile.geo'...). So, is it normal having such problem with big geometry? or might be something else?

thanks a lot


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