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Verfblikje January 19, 2012 11:55

2D hex mesh on multi element airfoil
Dear fellow members,

I am looking for a way to mesh a multi element airfoil in 2D with free software. I would like to have a hex mesh. I will need to build the mesh from a CAD file (exported from CATIA).

Up untill now I have been using snappyHexMesh and extrudeMesh to generate a 2D mesh, but this is far from ideal. The workstation I takes forever (over a day, probably) to mesh my geometry, since I need a 9 million plus 3D mesh from sHM to create a reasonably fine mesh in a 2D case. Surely there must be a better way.
I am aware of software like GridPro and I am wondering if there is any way I can achieve a similar type of mesh using open source. Or at least something that gives me a mesh like the one I get from sHM without having to make a 3D mesh first.

I have tried Salomé, but the stl file contains a large amount of sections to follow the airfoil shape. This makes it almost impossible to generate partition with 4 sides (Salomé needs these to create hex meshes).

All suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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