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SrStompy March 1, 2012 15:55

Unable to Convert .stp to .msh file FOAM FATAL IO ERROR
Hi, i have been trying to get my .stp to .msh. And somewhere in here I am messing up as when i run gmshToFoam I keep getting errors. The most recent being.

No cells read from file "testmodel"
Does your file specify any 3D elements (hex=5, prism=6, pyramid=7, tet=4)?
Perhaps you have not exported the 3D elements?

As far as steps I have taken, I have basically just opened gmsh, Merge, grabbing my .stp file. Then used the 3D, and then 3D optimizing(netgen). Saving that as a .msh and trying the gmshToFoam where i receive the above error.

I tried to attach the .stp file, but it exceeds the forum limit. If you need/want this I can email it.


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