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Wugabapalmu May 31, 2012 10:58

fluentMeshToFoam error
Hi all,
I designed a rather simple 2D-mesh using PointWise Gridgen and exported it as a Fluent .cas file. When trying to convert it with fluentMeshToFoam, I get the following error message :


Problem : cannot find a single face in the mesh which uses vertices 4(5375 379 5937 10933)

From function findFace(const primitiveMesh&, const face&)
in file fluentMeshToFoam.L at line 857.

FOAM exiting

From what I could make out looking into the fluentMeshToFoam.L file, OF can't find the face based on this 4(5375 379 5937 10933) vertex. Any idea why that is ? I've been trying to redesign the mesh for 2 days and I always get this same message :mad: (not always with the same vertex though).
Thanks !

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