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wcpvandervelden June 21, 2012 10:05

Create solid mesh around fluid mesh
Dear all,

I have a question regarding creating a solid mesh, around a fluid mesh in order to match perfectly.

In OpenFOAM I have a rather difficult geometry which is created using a CAD program. This geometry is currently meshed using Altair Hyperworks, and works perfectly.

No I would like to add some structural interaction in my OpenFOAM model. So I created a solver which can transfer data from one mesh/patch to another mesh/patch. I have already tested it using a simple model, made with the blockMesh utility. Here I simple put a solid geometry around my fluid domain.

No I would like to do the same for my difficult geometry. However, I have no idea yet which program is capable of meshing, let's say, the inverse of the current mesh. So I would like to mesh the surroundings, in a separate mesh file Any ideas what kind of program to use, and how I can do this with that specific program.
Thanks in advance,


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