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doubtsincfd October 12, 2012 15:46

foamMeshToFluent does not write zones
foamMeshToFluent does not write zones.
Is there anyway to convert cellZones from OF to Fluent?

wyldckat October 13, 2012 04:16

Greetings Omkar,

From this post: post #12 - I would guess that you have to first convert the zones to sets and only then you can run foamMeshToFluent.

Best regards,

doubtsincfd October 18, 2012 13:30

Hi Bruno,

OF is not converting sets or zones to fluent mesh format.
Or maybe I am going wrong somewhere.

I am attaching one of the tutorials. If you run Allrun and see the constant/polymesh folder, you will find a porous zone defined in constant/polymesh/sets folder as well as in in the file constant/polymesh/cellZones

Now if I run foamMeshToFluent and read the mesh in Fluent, the porous zones are not read by fluent.

wyldckat October 18, 2012 15:31

Hi Omkar,

The file didn't get attached. Anyway, I've used the tutorial "compressible/rhoPimpleFoam/ras/angledDuct" as an example.
Indeed the file generated by foamMeshToFluent doesn't seem to do what you want it to do...

In Fluent, are you able to use a field for selecting which cells should be converted to a porous region? If so, then it's possible for you to use setFields to fill the cellSet with any value you want on a dummy field. Then use the OpenFOAM variant 1.6-ext, which has the utility foamDataToFluent, for converting said dummy field into compatible data and then use Fluent to select cells based on a field and change said cells to porous mesh!

Last but not least: in theory, it should be possible to create a modified application of foamDataToFluent or foamMeshToFluent for converting cellSets...

Best regards,

MikeMac May 15, 2013 09:49

Hi Bruno and Omkar,

I just came across this forum and I'm trying to do a similar thing for reading the mesh with Fluent and/or EnSight. I like Bruno's idea of creating "dummy" fields to be converted. The only thing is that I'm trying to write a script that makes sHM more user-friendly so that I can convert my co-workers from using Harpoon to sHM. So ideally I'd like there to be very little manual work in Fluent/EnSight in terms of selecting and changing fields.

Are you aware of another way to do this? Or has any development been done to fix this? For instance, in one mesh I have three zones: surf_prism, surf_sphere, and surf_box. I see that when I try to open the mesh in Fluent, I get the following message:


        Skipping zone surf_prism (not referenced by grid).
        Skipping zone surf_sphere (not referenced by grid).
        Skipping zone surf_box (not referenced by grid).

And when I open the .msh file in an editor, I see that all the other zones have grid dimensions, but not my surfaces. I get similar results with EnSight as well.

Any other ideas? Or should I just accept that there isn't a simple way to do this at the moment. :p



manju819 December 1, 2014 08:42

foamMeshToFluent does not write zones
Hii Mike,
split the zones using the splitMeshRegions -cellZones -overwrite and convert the mesh using foamToEnsightParts and read the ensight format in fluent.


KaLium April 21, 2017 05:36


Originally Posted by manju819 (Post 521851)
Hii Mike,
split the zones using the splitMeshRegions -cellZones -overwrite and convert the mesh using foamToEnsightParts and read the ensight format in fluent.


I had similar approach and it works. :)

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